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One of the things I’ve noticed is people love their cups of tea or coffee, the younger ones seem to go for their V or a similar concoction.

As I sit here sipping on my coffee if the truth be known when I am thirsty, really thirsty that is quite dehydrated I just can’t go past a large glass of water or two there is something quite satisfying and refreshing about it, it’s tangible you feel it.

I’ve been told that the best thing we can do for our brain in the morning is to hydrate it with water as we have gone without fluid for up to eight hours the longest period of time during any day.

In the book of Daniel we read that he was aware that the 70 year period prescribed by God was at an end and they were tired of captivity of being in a foreign land, you could say they were thirsty for the manifestation and the deliverance of God.

Daniel set himself to prayer and fasting, there was in him a thirst that could only be quenched by God himself.

Here is what We must get. If anything was going to happen on a certain date by it’s self there would have been no reason for Daniel to get that thirst in his soul so that he fasted and prayed that the deliverance might come.

He could have sat back and said great now I’ll wait for it to happen, but here’s the thing I believe Gods desire is to move and flow through us, is He looking to move through the complacent heart, the half hearted heart or the thirsty heart?

So I wonder how thirsty am I, how thirsty are we?