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Then Abram fell on his face

Then Abram fell on his face

Then Abram fell on his face

So what caused Abram to fall on his face? For that question must be answered if we are to understand something of our own need to fall on our faces before Him.

Abram had already received a call from God at age of 75. It was now 24 years later and he hadn’t seen what he had expected. Ishmael was now thirteen and Abram thought, let the promise flow through him for that seemed to be the only option!

Church, understand this, that Ishmael was always the fruit of the flesh and never of the Spirit or the promise. Too often we let go of the call and compromise with the flesh. No, we must hold on to the promise and allow our walk to be of faith and not sight.

Galations 4:22

For it is written that Abraham had two sons: the one by a bondwoman, the other by a freewoman.

 There is often two opportunities, two options or choices that lie before us. Abram said “Let Ishmael be the one,” but God replied “No. Sarai will have a child.”

My friends. Abram had come to the end of self, it was now to be of faith, God’s way not ours. It’s grasping that realization that drives us to our face because there is no other option.