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Opportunity is a knocking.

Opportunity is a knocking.

I am told that it takes around 30 days to break a habit or start a new one, we have all been place in a position over the past month where routine has gone out the window, the patterns of life that make up our normal.

Our normal has become subject to an abnormal, something that has brought the opportunity to bring change, now change in its self is not the enemy, but we are always subject to it, opportunity that demands a choice a decision that causes us to stay the course or perhaps establish a new normal.

Listen, too often we blindly accept the status quo, but now we have a great opportunity to change what was our normal, to step up and make the adjustments we always wished we could do, now we have all made huge changes which goes to show that we can make a change if we determine to do so.

But more often than not opportunity to change comes from external forces rather than an internal conviction, we have little control over the external, but the opportunity to take a step into conviction is at our door.

As I think of those in Scripture who were given opportunity to change their worlds, fishermen, tax collectors, and those with extreme religious conviction, such as Nicodemus and Saul, people that were given the same words we have heard, “Come follow Me” an invitation to live for a different reason and destination a call too walk the walk and talk the talk. It was these men who from a point of personal conviction changed the world, in a very short time they and every other Christian would be faced with the external pressure of the Roman authorities, every Christian was faced with a choice of dying or fleeing, it was this opportunity that forced them to leave the familiar, their homes there livelihoods, their projected futures into uncertainty, but holding onto their convictions they took the Gospel around the world, making a new normal.

As we get closer to coming back together let’s think about out tomorrows and how we can be involved in making a difference in our church and community.