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What is sin? Is it something tangible that is placed before us like a cup on a bench, something we can choose to pick up or pass by?

We know that he who has died to sin has been freed from sin. Yet there are times we still pick up the cup, so the choice is still before us, but in Gods Holy presence no sin can exist.

It seems to me that to sin or not to sin is our choice, listen.

I don’t know about you but these masks we are having to wear are a little frustrating, but think about it, we have been made aware of something that can’t be seen yet we know it’s real as people are catching it and for some the outcome isn’t great.
We’ve been made aware of something that is so contagious that we are forced to separate ourselves from it, to isolate in our own homes, no fellowship no contact, please remain in your bubble.

If this Covid can so easily separate people from life, that we must do everything we can to avoid it how much more sin that can separate us from God, how serious are we about being holy as Christians and walking before Him.

What is worse COVID or SIN? One can separate us from mortal life the other from spiritual life, if we ask our selves the question in our nows.

“What am I more concerned about?”

Am I more concerned about my spiritual life or my natural life?

1 John 3:6
Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him.