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Humility Key to breakthrough

Humility Key to breakthrough

Good morning church.

We have talked about culture not dictating to Scripture, that Scripture must always be the final authority for the Christian.
To often we look at Scripture through experience, feeling and circumstance and then add our own commentary to it.

At times we can become sceptical as Gideon was and others in the Bible but we must hold on to what is truth outside of our experience.

I smiled the other day as I heard that Jesus was lead by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil, where we don’t need to be lead by the spirit because we usually find our our way there.

Was challenged yesterday on what our motive is, or why do we aspire to see God move, isn’t it enough to know that He died for my sins, that I’m saved and in His arms.
Yes He calls us to do what He did, to save the lost heal the sick and deliver those who are possessed by the Devil, yes I understand that, but what is my motive because if we don’t get that right we might find that frustration may be our only fruit.

Jesus came to establish the Kingdom but not primarily from a governmental stand point or a legal stance.
No over and over again it says of Jesus that He was moved with compassion, and that must be our motive, I think to often it’s about establishing ourselves, gaining some credibility in the eyes of others and being justified for daring to believe the Bible as a fundamentalist, to prove them wrong.

Now I know that’s not any of you, but I think I have to constantly humble myself and put Him first, I think I must again die to self and live for Him.
Isn’t that one of the keys He gave us in 2 Chronicles 7:14, that we would humble ourselves and pray.