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The holiness of God is one of the most basic moral attributes of God which no God fearing person would doubt for a moment. The problems begin when we realize it’s also a fundamental moral requirement for every Christian.

“…not fashioning yourselves to the former desires in your ignorance, but according as He who did call you is holy, you also, become holy in all behavior, because it has been written, `Be holy, because I am holy…”                                   1Peter 1:14b-16 

This is where what we once saw as acceptable and justifiable has now become to us as evil and not God honoring behavior, this is simply called “conviction of sin” something that we must learn to quickly respond to and deal with, the sad thing in all of this is we naturally tend to defend ourselves and the longer we leave it the harder it becomes to be free according to the promise.

“Today, if you will hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”

Heb 3:15