Home Compromise



In 1 Kings 13 we read of a prophet going from Judah to Israel to denounce their activity, a man with a strong conviction of God on his life even to resisting the king himself.

“I will not take your reward nor will I eat or drink anything in this place!” he declares.

By making this declaration, this edict he denounces everyone who had set their allegiances to Jeroboam to be considered as lepers.

He then encounters an old prophet a man who had positioned himself within this deception who understood this decree so endeavored to deceive the young prophet, to discredit him and his declarations.

When the word of God is declared and grips your heart don’t default to attempting to justify yourself and your stance like the old prophet did who deceive the young prophet there by discrediting his message. No, hear the word and allow it to bring refreshing to your soul, repent quickly and turn.