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Familiarity & Faith

It seems that as we continue down the path of life we accumulate experiences, some good and some not so good, some that are not our fault and others that well… perhaps I could have made a better choice. But when we allow those experience to become too familiar to us, too predictable we allow […]
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The holiness of God is one of the most basic moral attributes of God which no God fearing person would doubt for a moment. The problems begin when we realize it’s also a fundamental moral requirement for every Christian. This is where what we once saw as acceptable and justifiable has now become to us […]
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In 1 Kings 13 we read of a prophet going from Judah to Israel to denounce their activity, a man with a strong conviction of God on his life even to resisting the king himself. “I will not take your reward nor will I eat or drink anything in this place!” he declares. By making […]
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