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  • STARTAug 16th - 8:00am

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Ps Nick Klinkenberg

Pastor Nick Klinkenberg

Nick and Karen Klinkenberg are the founders of this apostolic initiative which began in 2007.
Nick & Karen have been leading churches in NZ since 1983.
In 2010 they moved to Amsterdam to put feet to the dream of “Planting churches that Plant churches… like a virus! throughout Western Europeā€¯.
They have formed significant contacts in Holland, France, Belgium and in other nations. They continue to encourage & build networks of Churches in these countries. There are 9 churches that are now part of the vci network. They are in France, Belgium and South Holland.
Since 2013 they are now based in NZ.
They have 3 sons and 6 grandchildren – all in NZ.
They are supported by Churches and other special people.

Nick will be with us over the whole weekend and his ministry will encourage challenge and strengthen you in you walk with Jesus.